Sunday, July 6, 2014

Faith & Obedience (Part II)

2 years ago next month I wrote this on faith and obedience. I was fresh off a mission trip during which faith and obedience wasn't asked but required. I came  back asking what does that look like in my day to day life?

I will be lying if I said I have done great in walking in obedience in His will for my life, I've failed quite miserably in fact. But these notions have been popping back up again over the last few months.

You see also during that trip during chapel time for just our group God prodded at me saying that the current career path I was on (I'm a nanny) wasn't what He wanted for me. That I was substituting other people's children for the ones I do not yet have of my own and not utilizing the full skill set and potential He has bestowed upon me. Heavy stuff to say the least.

I acquiesced that and said Ok God, if not that then what? It's been a steady prayer for two years. A few months ago He started to answer that prayer. I'm still praying on it and seeking His guidance but of all the great plans I've come up with this is one I've dismissed since I was literally 14 out of fear. Isn't that just God- to say step out of your comfort zone and trust me?

 It's quite nice though because I've been getting comforting confirmation in this area through sermons at church. Last Wednesday it was about sacrificing that which is hard for you for His kingdom and today was about stepping out of your comfort zone.

All along with some other promptings by my loving Father I can see that He is setting me up for something and it's exciting and terrifying and I just need to remember to try and trust him

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