Saturday, December 27, 2014

Clearing out the cobwebs

Dear Blog,

   I have not forgotten about you, I promise. I have posts and musings rambling all around my head. I have pictures taken and sorted that I would love to share. Life has  just gotten in the way. 

2014 has been full of ups and downs, such is life. I've let the twists in the road, the disappointments outweigh the joys which has prevented me from writing. Which is just silly. (Both on the writing part and not giving more weight to the good things that have happened)

2015 is looking like a year of transitions, a year to trust God more and let my fears and heartache control me less. 

This isn't about resolutions, or 2015 will be this or that or the other thing. Or promises of posting every Monday. It's about realigning my priorities and time management. Sharing the good and the bad and not holding back.

I start now by dusting off the proverbial cobwebs and saying "Hi"

So, hello! I hope whoever is reading this has been able to remember the good more then the bad and remember whatever rough patches you're currently in, it's only for a season. Together lets not dwell, lets find the lesson in the storm. 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Spring/Summer/Fall Cleaning

We've been in purge/project mode around here for the last few months. I came home one day and my dear husband had boxed up all his desk stuff. It's still sitting in boxes in our dining room as it was an act before he thought moment. we have the plans for a new desk but hadn't done the budget or made the final decisions. Oh, and I haven't boxed up my stuff. Minor details.

Our running joke around here is that we're sorry excuses for adults. Yes on paper we are,  in reality we can't keep our apartment organized. Partly it's a space issue, partly we were just never organized in the first place. Really though we just can't keep our desk and bedroom from exploding with life (flat surfaces!). Well we're over that, which really goes back to the theme from the women's retreat I attended this spring- See change as necessary. I love it when things circle back.

Well now that we see it, we've been acting. Tossing out stuff left and right. It's felt good but with work and life the whole thing is taking longer then I would like. Also everything has felt half done. I decided to do something about that tonight and rearrange some stuff to make a couple of spots look intentional rather then holding places for random stuff. In reality the  frames need to be repainted, (that yellow! what was I thinking?) and there's a fourth frame that needs a picture but for now I can look at these and smile, rather then them buried under random stuff on the desk. 

I'm pretty happy with the top of the book shelf and would like to leave it but that spot is pretty fluid (it's our mantle at Christmas for the stockings) and never stays the same for long. Love that plant there though. I'm taking care of it for a friend while shes in NY working for the summer, but she may not get it back!

I'm off early today and I've told myself it's just the opportunity I need to purge my desk and I think that I'll follow through on that thought. 

It's time.

How about you have you ever put something off and feel so good once you do it you have no idea why you put it off in the first place?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Faith & Obedience (Part II)

2 years ago next month I wrote this on faith and obedience. I was fresh off a mission trip during which faith and obedience wasn't asked but required. I came  back asking what does that look like in my day to day life?

I will be lying if I said I have done great in walking in obedience in His will for my life, I've failed quite miserably in fact. But these notions have been popping back up again over the last few months.

You see also during that trip during chapel time for just our group God prodded at me saying that the current career path I was on (I'm a nanny) wasn't what He wanted for me. That I was substituting other people's children for the ones I do not yet have of my own and not utilizing the full skill set and potential He has bestowed upon me. Heavy stuff to say the least.

I acquiesced that and said Ok God, if not that then what? It's been a steady prayer for two years. A few months ago He started to answer that prayer. I'm still praying on it and seeking His guidance but of all the great plans I've come up with this is one I've dismissed since I was literally 14 out of fear. Isn't that just God- to say step out of your comfort zone and trust me?

 It's quite nice though because I've been getting comforting confirmation in this area through sermons at church. Last Wednesday it was about sacrificing that which is hard for you for His kingdom and today was about stepping out of your comfort zone.

All along with some other promptings by my loving Father I can see that He is setting me up for something and it's exciting and terrifying and I just need to remember to try and trust him

Friday, June 27, 2014

Burlap and Buttons (a tutorial)

So I'm sort of obsessed with wreaths. I have a board on Pinterest that I just keep adding to.(Currently at 43!)I always have one at Christmas but haven't found the right one  to have up the rest of the year. That is until Pinterest strikes again! I also love burlap and buttons and when I saw one that incorporated all 3 I had to make my own version.  I managed to pull all of this together from mostly what I had on hand. Only thing I had to buy was the initial at Joann's. Whole thing cost about $3 plus the paint, but I had that on hand for another project.

The Ingredients:
13" wreath form got mine at dollar tree
Wooden intial (Less than a dollar at Joann's)
Paint (mine is a sample jar of Valspar from Lowes-Tropical Oasis)
Burlap sack or spool of burlap ribbon
We got the sack for free from my husbands old work. He worked at a cafe and the beans came in these giant sacks. You can probably ask your local cafe (not star.bucks) and they may have one or save one for you.
Buttons I have about 3 lbs of buttons thanks to my husband but you can find packs of them either variety or single colors at most craft stores
Hot glue gun and sticks

First paint the letter. You can leave it blank if you're using colored buttons or prefer that look. I'm currently incorporating more aqua in my living room decor so wanted the little pop of color

Next wrap the wreath. if you're using ribbon pick a spot dab a bit of glue and just wrap all around. if you're using a sack you must first cut a long strip. you cut up to about 1/4'' of the end stop move over 2'' then go back and do the same. You'll need to do this about 3 times. This way you get one long continues strip and don't have to piece it on the wreath. I wish I had gotten a picture of this but totally forgot. The things you don't think of when you've never written a tutorial before. Live and learn, right?

Glue the initial to the wreath

Finally pick out your buttons, have fun messing around with them till you get the look you want and voila a wreath!

I cut a strip of coordinating fabric to hang it on the hook I had for my door to get it the right height. I just used a 3M hook from the hardware store but if you have a wreath hook by all means use that. I just haven't found one I like and/or am willing to pay the price on.

Be warned, after hanging it your neighbors may think you've had a baby! Yes that happened to me, is that a thing? hanging wreaths on doors when a baby is born? Maybe I should research that...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tea Time

This is my evening. I got sick Saturday and despite sleeping Sunday away I'm still sick. Having worked  40+ hours already probably has something to do with it. 

As I drink my tea I'm sitting in this lovely chair. I've known for quite sometime that I want two chairs in our front window instead of the love-seat/hide-a-bed we currently have there. it's quite convenient to have the bed when people stay but far more often we have get togethers and bible studies and realistically only one person sits in it. two chairs just makes more sense. That being said, chairs are expensive! We ruled out new from the get go- but used isn't much better- well at least in the city we live in. We walked into Salvation Army last weekend and found two that fit the bill for size and price. Both 40% off! we went with the bigger of the two, which was actually cheaper at $45 with the discount. It's so comfy! we've currently got it covered with an old duvet cover so the ugly flowers aren't staring at us.

David has been acquiring tools over the last year or so, a couple of which are a nail gun and air compressor so we've decided to take on reupholstering it ourselves. we'll probably be living with it as is for a while though because even with a 50% off coupon fabric is going to be a pretty penny. Still way cheaper then new and we'll get the look/color we want but we're currently saving for this

Our Disney cruise to the Bahamas. We paid off the cruise itself last week and bought our plane tickets months ago, but now we're saving for  the miscellaneous extra (fun) stuff. It's quite a financial success for us to have paid for all of this cash- no credit.
It's always eye opening to me what we can accomplish when we set goals, stick to budget and work together.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee

As I write this I'm watching Masterchef with my hubby. We watch it together every summer, quite fun.  It's our first free Saturday in weeks and is already filling up. How does that always happen?

There's quilting at church today,  I want to go but that would involve productivity. or something. I do have a pillow I started a couple weeks ago at a quilting group. I went with my mother and sister in-law to theirs and it's the same ladies I quilt with at retreat every January. It was quite nice to see them all again before 2015.

This week has been a blur. Final week of AWANA for the school year. work and now I can't even think of what else. work mostly.

Found out I have some unexpected time off in a few weeks and I'm planning out how I want to use the time. I think I want to finally get the bedroom under control. I've done little since that last post. Did I ever post a picture of my headboard? it's a door! I more or less know what I want to do in there, and have most of what I need to accomplish it, it's just a matter of doing. 

what about you? Any fun projects this summer? this weekend? 

Monday, June 2, 2014


Caught myself taking something and running today and was gently reminded of these verses