Tuesday, March 4, 2014



I am reading...

For personal growth
Pain Redeemed: When our deepest sorrows meet God by Natasha Metzler

For fun:
Love Finds you: in Annapolis Maryland by Roseanna White

For Awana:
Raising a Modern-Day Joseph: A timeless strategy for Growing Great Kids by Larry Fowler


Our vacation for September. It's our first real vacation, like ever. 5 night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. Excited doesn't even begin to describe it. Really though I don't know what I'm more excited about-the fact that we're going or the fact that we've made it part of our budget, are putting money aside and paying cash for the entire thing. After I went last year with one of my BFF's  I came home and told David we had to go on one together. By September I had him talked into it.

Financial Planning...

We took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University through our church 4 years ago and loved it. It's been a bumpy road but we're finally seeing some progress on our debt snowball and it feels so good. It's amazing how a little progress can fuel so much motivation

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trust and Brokenness

I've missed blogging, really.

but as the year progressed it just got easier not to write. I had excuses, time mostly, but really they were just excuses. what it boiled down to is I know I needed to make this place more then just about the crafty things I do, the meals I plan and the occasional adventure.I needed to be more transparent.

as many before me have written-it is so easy to write only the good things going on and not the tough things also.

2013 was hard, really hard. nothing catastrophic happened, but emotionally i was a mess-went into 2014 a mess-still a mess. I've finally remembered to press into God. Trying to do so, day by day. minute by minute.second by second.

I think it had alot to do with turning 30.

Not particularly old, quite young still but I was no where that I thought I would be. The big glaring one- not being a mom. Something I've always wanted to be.I thought I would be done having babies by 30, not still hoping and praying.

Something I still don't know how to have the balance of talking about and not rambling about. Sharing my story, my pain and not vomiting it all over anyone and everyone. 

Mostly though I've spent the last year heart broken- alternating between ignoring God and whinging to Him about it. Quiet cries of Why? Loud cries of why? Anger, depression, lies to myself that I'm ok with where I'm at, that I believe in Gods perfect timing and I just need to be patient. (something I really do believe, but in this case was just trying to talk myself into believing rather then actually believing.) 


and that's what it's about, going to the feet of God-broken and seeking Him wholeheartedly. Trusting Him with your hopes and dreams and not being angry to my father for saying no. It's not your timing, my timing.

It's not about the physical and medical aspects of not being pregnant. yes, that's a component but its trust. Trust that whether or not I someday become a mom- naturally or otherwise- He has a plan for me and I need to genuinely and diligently seek that. Trust that He has my best interest heart. Trust that He sees the whole picture and I'm only seeing a very small part of it. 

That I need not stomp my foot like a petulant child not getting their way. 


Such a small word with such big ramifications. 

I'm learning, despite myself  what it means.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Around the house

I was cleaning off photos from my phone yesterday because I found I had nearly 2 gigs. No wonder my phone was so full. In the process I saw all the photos I've taken lately with the express purpose of  blogging about them. 

Along with the painting of our dining room and living room we've also done some other little projects around the house. Here's a couple before and afters.

The hutch in the dining room. I never liked the nobs on it and bought some awhile ago to replace them. So I finally painted them pink. Put them on and promptly hated it. So we had extra white paint and my lovely husband painted it for me.

so much better.

We also had a cork board that needed recovering. We could never agree on what to put on it until my husband brought home some big burlap coffee bags from work.  

We found one we liked and voila!

Now we have a cozy little office corner and so far sharing a desk is working. Just have to keep up on the clutter.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberry Season

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go visit our families, where they happen to grow strawberries. Because I grew up where they are grown I'm a big strawberry snob. Can you blame me? look at how pretty they are and it's still early in the season. They only get better

Last year a friend taught a group of us how to make jam and ever since I knew  I was going to make fresh strawberry jam come spring. 

it was a lot of prep and I started out with only 12 jars thinking that would be enough. Ha! I ended up making 2 dozen when all was said and done. It took the better part of a Saturday but it was so worth it. we've had it on pancakes, ice cream, milkshakes and of course toast. 

I'm seriously hooked on canning. Another friend told me of a place about an hour away where you can go and pick peaches, I know what's next!

I heart spring

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

keep on keeping on

the last couple of months have been a doozy. for me and so many people i know. Fortunately I have a God who loves me no matter what and many friends to remind me of that. 

I have a bible verse I had to memorize when I first did some one on one discipleship training at my church, about 5 years ago. its been running through my head during these tough times and has been helping a lot. also lots and lots of prayer.

Phillipians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

in the realm of crafting and quilting I'm currently working on this:

I was inspired by this pillow that Amanda Jean made over at Crazy Mom Quilts. one of the reasons I went with grey for my living room walls was because I knew I wanted to have lots of bright pillows on my couch and love seat.

its going to be one of two pillows I'm making to replaces the dilapidated back pillow on my love seat. I found the pillow forms at Ikea months ago for $5 each in the as is section, i love that little section of the store, so many treasures to be found.

we're also pretty much done with the little bit of redecorating we've been doing this spring. The paint job turned out so good, it just feels so much better in my cozy little apartment. I'll post some after pictures soon. I would still like to get a new couch and some cozy chairs but those are a ways off, but I'm happy with the way things are in the mean time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Illness and Redecorating

Illness and Redecorating-the two really don't go together.

This is currently my living room. I've been sick now for over a week. It started with a cold, yesterday I had the worst migraine of my life. I'm over it. so over it. Before I got too bad on Saturday we did most of the dining room:

Just an iPhone photo but you can kinda see what it looks like. It looks sooo much better, it makes me smile. the paint job that was here since we moved in left a lot to be desired. Not only was is your basic renters white cream? whomever did it did a horrible job. The living room didn't even really get done, they just painted over spots with what ever they had, which didn't match.

 My husband started the ceiling in the living room while I slept on Easter. I'm hoping to get the dining room finished today. All that's left is the wall the window is on, so it shouldn't take me too long.

I don't want to over do it because I still have a cough and I really don't have any desire to spend my whole vacation sick. 

It has been nice while i'm laid out on the couch to look up and see the happy sunshiny yellow, it makes my spirits feel better even if my body doesn't..