Monday, March 2, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

A few weeks ago a friend asked me about meal planning. She's a single person on a budget and wants to start to doing it. It had been a while since I've really meal planned. Life (mostly work) has gotten in the way. It got my wheels turning, remembering what helped me when I first started. I sent her some links with such warnings as "you're going to have to adapt it because that person meal plans for a family of 5, and shops for a whole month" or "ignore their actual price breakdowns because they live in the middle of no where and don't have the living in the city surcharge to deal with"

which really got me thinking- there's not much out there as far as budgeting/ meal planning for couples and singles or anyone living in a city. 

So I'll be doing more of that on here-reinstating Meal Plan Monday along with other posts on how to maximize a budget, have a well stocked pantry in a small space, throwing together meals on a busy week and so forth. 

Meal Plan W/E 3/7/15

Monday:  Pesto pasta with green salad 

Taco Tuesday: BBQ chickpea tacos with Spanish rice (double batch of rice to use later in the week)

Wednesday: I never make it home before church, it will either be leftovers or sandwiches 

Thursday: Class/ Men's group- the guys will have snacks 

Friday: Black bean and Sweet potato enchiladas with roasted red pepper enchilada sauce and Spanish rice.

Saturday:  Veggie Curry 

Also on hand: Polenta casserole, Baked Potatoes 

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  1. love this! it sounds doable and not overwhelming (as I would tend to over-complicate the plan…). thanks for the inspiration!