About Me

Just a traditional woman living in a modern world. I'm country girl living in the city and loving it. Quilting, cooking and making my home a welcoming place are just some of things I love. I also heart the color purple, a steaming cup of coffee in a big mug,penguins,children of all ages ,rainy days, and most importantly God among many other things.
What's a Lilac Barry you may ask?

It's me! I became obsessed with all things purple when I was 13. Some teeny bopper magazine (Probably 'Teen to be precise) told me my "Power Color" based on my zodiac sign was lavender. I promptly went to the mall with 2 of my BFF's and bought lavender nail polish from some Claire's like store, but this was before Claire's. (Icing? Hm, this is going to bug me now). Then for my 14th birthday party (at a bowling alley) I wore a lavender angora sweater, before I knew what angora was. but boy was that sweater soft. I also wore black pants and Dr. Martens.I was cool.(never). Then it went down hill from there and I now I love anything in the purple family. More blue purples then red purples. But really that's neither here nor there.

Why Barry with an A? That's simple, it's my maiden name, it makes me unique. or something.