Friday, July 3, 2015

Just Write

I miss this place, I miss free time to write, to quilt, to craft. I've been working alot and studying alot and working. I texted my bff the other day and the jist was this: My day is shower workcoffeeworkcoffee sleep and repeat. Thankfully I love my job but between the increase in hours and the fact we don't have a working car right now I'm gone from 6:30 to at least 6:30 M-F. By the time I get home and throw something together there's little physical or mental energy left for anything fun. I'll finally have the inspiration and a few minutes to kill, I pull out the laptop and I have 48 updates just to turn on my computer. It's all been just too annoying. 

The work is good because we're saving for a new car, for me to go back to school for my teaching credential, and to pay off student loans . It's what needs to be done right now, it's a season and wont last forever but in the middle of it its exhausting.

Fortunately I'm off today and decided to Just Write. There's been ideas for posts floating around my head that hopefully I can get written soon. The big one being finding contentment in the middle of a storm. So many people close to me, myself included are dealing with some real struggles right now and it's so easy to go to negative and focus on all the turmoil and not the blessings, because there's always blessings to be found.

I think I need to take a break from, It's something I've been contemplating for a while (mainly because the vast number of pregnant women, and pregnancy announcements make me grumpy and sad) but also because it's all so political these days. I'm all for freedom of speech but the main reason I use in the first place is to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. The politics, while important (very important) topics are just becoming loud, angry, noise. There are proper forums for real (REAL) change and I don't believe posting or tweeting from the safety of your smart phone is the proper forum. 

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