Friday, July 18, 2014

Spring/Summer/Fall Cleaning

We've been in purge/project mode around here for the last few months. I came home one day and my dear husband had boxed up all his desk stuff. It's still sitting in boxes in our dining room as it was an act before he thought moment. we have the plans for a new desk but hadn't done the budget or made the final decisions. Oh, and I haven't boxed up my stuff. Minor details.

Our running joke around here is that we're sorry excuses for adults. Yes on paper we are,  in reality we can't keep our apartment organized. Partly it's a space issue, partly we were just never organized in the first place. Really though we just can't keep our desk and bedroom from exploding with life (flat surfaces!). Well we're over that, which really goes back to the theme from the women's retreat I attended this spring- See change as necessary. I love it when things circle back.

Well now that we see it, we've been acting. Tossing out stuff left and right. It's felt good but with work and life the whole thing is taking longer then I would like. Also everything has felt half done. I decided to do something about that tonight and rearrange some stuff to make a couple of spots look intentional rather then holding places for random stuff. In reality the  frames need to be repainted, (that yellow! what was I thinking?) and there's a fourth frame that needs a picture but for now I can look at these and smile, rather then them buried under random stuff on the desk. 

I'm pretty happy with the top of the book shelf and would like to leave it but that spot is pretty fluid (it's our mantle at Christmas for the stockings) and never stays the same for long. Love that plant there though. I'm taking care of it for a friend while shes in NY working for the summer, but she may not get it back!

I'm off early today and I've told myself it's just the opportunity I need to purge my desk and I think that I'll follow through on that thought. 

It's time.

How about you have you ever put something off and feel so good once you do it you have no idea why you put it off in the first place?

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