Friday, June 27, 2014

Burlap and Buttons (a tutorial)

So I'm sort of obsessed with wreaths. I have a board on Pinterest that I just keep adding to.(Currently at 43!)I always have one at Christmas but haven't found the right one  to have up the rest of the year. That is until Pinterest strikes again! I also love burlap and buttons and when I saw one that incorporated all 3 I had to make my own version.  I managed to pull all of this together from mostly what I had on hand. Only thing I had to buy was the initial at Joann's. Whole thing cost about $3 plus the paint, but I had that on hand for another project.

The Ingredients:
13" wreath form got mine at dollar tree
Wooden intial (Less than a dollar at Joann's)
Paint (mine is a sample jar of Valspar from Lowes-Tropical Oasis)
Burlap sack or spool of burlap ribbon
We got the sack for free from my husbands old work. He worked at a cafe and the beans came in these giant sacks. You can probably ask your local cafe (not star.bucks) and they may have one or save one for you.
Buttons I have about 3 lbs of buttons thanks to my husband but you can find packs of them either variety or single colors at most craft stores
Hot glue gun and sticks

First paint the letter. You can leave it blank if you're using colored buttons or prefer that look. I'm currently incorporating more aqua in my living room decor so wanted the little pop of color

Next wrap the wreath. if you're using ribbon pick a spot dab a bit of glue and just wrap all around. if you're using a sack you must first cut a long strip. you cut up to about 1/4'' of the end stop move over 2'' then go back and do the same. You'll need to do this about 3 times. This way you get one long continues strip and don't have to piece it on the wreath. I wish I had gotten a picture of this but totally forgot. The things you don't think of when you've never written a tutorial before. Live and learn, right?

Glue the initial to the wreath

Finally pick out your buttons, have fun messing around with them till you get the look you want and voila a wreath!

I cut a strip of coordinating fabric to hang it on the hook I had for my door to get it the right height. I just used a 3M hook from the hardware store but if you have a wreath hook by all means use that. I just haven't found one I like and/or am willing to pay the price on.

Be warned, after hanging it your neighbors may think you've had a baby! Yes that happened to me, is that a thing? hanging wreaths on doors when a baby is born? Maybe I should research that...

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