Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011-Recieved

My family is amazing and I got some pretty good gifts for Christmas this year. My Favorite has got to be the purse my husband made me. He rocks.

It's purple on the inside and even has a cell phone pocket.oh and a sparkly button! I was and still am totally impressed.

He also got me 3 pounds, yes pounds of buttons.

oh and this totally made me happy. We got 2 of these as wedding gift in 2003. A green one and a blue one. The blue one broke within a year. The green one though is my favorite mug, just the right size and it's the one I use for my morning coffee. Well a couple of months ago I manage to break part of the handle. My wonderful husband fixed as best he could considering it was the inside of the handle I broke, it still looked a little like the mug Cliff Huxtable fixed on The Cosby Show, someone please know what I'm talking about? For Christmas He found a replacement on Ebay, it made my heart happy and I used it right then and there.

The last two are from my in-laws. It's awesome that my MIL is a quilter, she knows all the good things to get.I'm super excited about the mat carrier. It fits both my large mat and my 6X24 ruler. I'll get to use both next week when I go on a quilt retreat. It's the same one I went to last year

Did you get any quilting goodies for Christmas?


  1. Oh, I know you gave your sweetie a big hug for that incredibly thoughtful (and successful!) mug hunt, but maybe you should give him another huge hug? Gives me goose bumps! Now, what are you planning for those wonderful buttons? I admit it, I have a whole shelf of mason jars almost full of buttons, by color of course, and they look so inviting, but what to DO with them?

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful, crafty gift filled Christmas!
    Have a very happy New Year!