Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quilt Retreat

The room we were sewing in, there were about 22 women total

So the weekend of New Years I got a bee in my bonnet that I would like to go to the quilt retreat that my mother-in-law goes to every year. The problem(s)being that I had to work the Friday that it was starting and I had no idea if there were still any spots open.

well after asking my boss Monday if there was any way I could ge

t Friday off, I didn't find out until Wednesday that I could.I couldn't call the fabric store until late Wednesday night,after they closed. Well I found out Thursday Morning that indeed that still had a spot open. I got off at 5:30 Thursday evening, went home and frantically packed . left a little after 7:00 and got to the hotel at Midnight. I was so excited.

Other than finishing my moms quilt (I had no idea how long that would take)I had no idea what I would work on so I just grabbed a bunch of different potential projects. Well by the end of Friday I had my moms quilt quilted and the binding almost finished.

After finsihing my moms quilt Saturday I worked on my block for my swap and thats about all I got done that day. I ended up with a migraine and it took me forever to do one little block.

I ended up at the hotel for a nap to try and sleep it off. I got back in time

for dinner, a variety of soups and home made bread made by the owner of the shop. There was turkey chili,zucchini basil and my favorite baked potato. There was recipe cards for all the soups that I grabbed. I didn't think to take a picture until it was too late but I'll post the recipes another day.

Over all the retreat was amazing, the fabric shop has mostly older lines of fabric and sells everything for $6.00 a yard. I found some great pieces and even got some Kona solids. I finally figured out what to do with this fabric

We also got to a place that I guess is fabric store,everything is $1.00 a yard!!! That is a post all of its own though.

Ok this is long enough. On to the pictures...

Part of The Creation Station
Some of the fabric I got, love the one on the far right, I'm just sad that I was only able to get half a yard, the very last piece in the store.
my name tag and the cute little tote my mom gave me for my birthday

3 log cabin blocks i started for a table runner for a friend

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Being at Creation Station I think it would be impossible to NOT have a great time! :: They are wonderful (and fun) people. In fact, I'm heading up there this week, though for me it's only an 1+ drive.