Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabric adventures

I found this fabric at a cute little fabric shop I found in the Richmond district of San Francisco. I just fell in love with the colors. the store (Satin Moon Fabrics) doesn't have a huge selection of quilting cottons but what they do have is alot different then what you find in most quilt shops.

I've struggled since I moved to the bay area to find a good quilt shop. Living in the area I did, I took for granted the vast array of fabric shops, mostly catering to quilters I had at my disposable. If I think about it there was at least 8 shops within an hours driving distance.

I had finally found one, Black Cat Quilts in the sunset but they closed over a year ago. boo! So basically now I'm down to Joann's and Britex. I call Joann's the Ross of crafts stores. They have everything but sometimes its just overwhelming. And Britex, well Britex caters to fashion designers/ students, is expensive and has a very small selection of quilting cottons.

oh well, better than nothing. and really I have a stash, do I really need to be buying more fabric?

But now I don't know what to do with the fabric. I love them, here they are along side some fabrics I pulled from my stash. I think I like the green on green dot,the blue dragonfly's and the orange at the top. What I need is some more aqua to go along there.There's starting to be way too much orange and though I love these fabrics orange, is very rarely the first color I go to.

I'm thinking maybe a snowball or circle around pattern from Jaybird Quilts. Not sold on anything yet though, so I'll need to keep pondering.

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