Sunday, September 5, 2010

where did it all come from? (part II)

Boy oh boy do I have a lot of quilting related stuff. I know its just a drop in the bucket compared to some people but when you're in a one bedroom apartment every little bit adds up.

Remember this?

I finally tackled this afternoon. Part one was dumping all the fabric in name of finding that specific one I needed. The catalyst for part two was finding a package of note cards I bought in Boston that I just knew I had put on top of one of the set of drawers and couldn't find them. actually the whole thing had gotten worse since the before picture

Here's the after:

Oh and see the empty wall space above my carts? that gets to be a design wall! I'm so excited. I don't know what kind of design wall or when its going to happen,but I have open space for it and that to me is the hardest part. Since all the carts are on wheels they'll be really easy to move out of the way when I need access to the design area.I"ll probably end up using white flannel. I shall see.

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