Saturday, July 31, 2010

where did it all come from?

So we moved in December and we had to get rid of alot of stuff, I mean like a whole car port full went to salvation army alone. So when we moved last month I thought we would be in good shape as far as not having that much random stuff.

Boy was I wrong.

slowly but surely we've been going through boxes. Finally got books up on the book shelf and getting organized. Organization is not my strong suit. That whole saying a place for everything and everything in its place...yeah at my old apartment that was not the case. I'm determined to not that be the case in our beautiful new apartment.

Today I tackled most of the bedroom. It has by far always been the hardest for me to keep clean and organized. This is what it looked like last week when I took pictures for my mom

Clothes everywhere and my quilting/fabric a total disarray. now I haven't even touched the sewing stuff yet but I have all my clothes hung up and put away. I got like 4 boxes cleared out and a bunch of stuff stored away in our lovely storage closet our apartment came with in the laundry room. all in all I feel much better about the crazy amount of stuff. Here are some afters

my husbands side of the closet with shoes and accessories. those still need to be organized some more, but its a start

my side of the closet. I'm kinda scared, we still have a ton of laundry to do
where's it going to go?

ah the clean floors,so I just need to get some pictures on the walls

the next challenge

the trash and boxes that I got rid of, it feels so good. also (you can kind of see got rid of a bag of clothes and a box of random stuff to be donated

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  1. We're going to be selling our house (9 rooms plus 2.5 baths) within a few years, due to retirement and kids moving out, and I just can't believe how much flipping stuff we've accumulated in 16 years. Where did it all come from? I swear there are elves making things in my attic that weren't there last year. I've been hauling bags to Salvation Army, too and barely see a dent. So I totally sympathize with you. But don't worry, I believe there has to be a bottom to ever pile, LOL!