Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tea Time

This is my evening. I got sick Saturday and despite sleeping Sunday away I'm still sick. Having worked  40+ hours already probably has something to do with it. 

As I drink my tea I'm sitting in this lovely chair. I've known for quite sometime that I want two chairs in our front window instead of the love-seat/hide-a-bed we currently have there. it's quite convenient to have the bed when people stay but far more often we have get togethers and bible studies and realistically only one person sits in it. two chairs just makes more sense. That being said, chairs are expensive! We ruled out new from the get go- but used isn't much better- well at least in the city we live in. We walked into Salvation Army last weekend and found two that fit the bill for size and price. Both 40% off! we went with the bigger of the two, which was actually cheaper at $45 with the discount. It's so comfy! we've currently got it covered with an old duvet cover so the ugly flowers aren't staring at us.

David has been acquiring tools over the last year or so, a couple of which are a nail gun and air compressor so we've decided to take on reupholstering it ourselves. we'll probably be living with it as is for a while though because even with a 50% off coupon fabric is going to be a pretty penny. Still way cheaper then new and we'll get the look/color we want but we're currently saving for this

Our Disney cruise to the Bahamas. We paid off the cruise itself last week and bought our plane tickets months ago, but now we're saving for  the miscellaneous extra (fun) stuff. It's quite a financial success for us to have paid for all of this cash- no credit.
It's always eye opening to me what we can accomplish when we set goals, stick to budget and work together.

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  1. Yay.. You guys deserve a vacation and new chair. Have you picked out fabric options? Can't wait to see it completed.