Sunday, August 12, 2012

Faith & Obedience

I got back a week ago from a missions trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

It was an amazing trip. We helped build classrooms for a new school, sang in 5 church services, performed various puppets,dances and dramas in 8 school chapels, prayed with children, teenagers, families, pastors, we were ministered to and basically God knocked our socks off.
Through the entire trip we were asked to walk in faith,listen and obey the instructions of our pastor and leaders. There were over 60 of us and we did just that. With that many people there wasn't an option not to. No matter what the conditions, food, or tasks we were asked to do it didn't matter what we wanted because it wasn't about us. It was about serving God, loving his people and living the great commission.
The place of Hope

Now that I'm back home I'm asking myself what does that look like here? Sure it was easy to walk in faith and obedience in such a controlled environment but I saw the results of doing that and I want to continue to reap that kind of closeness and joy with God.

titeres (puppets) meeting the kids before the show

But how easy it is to slip back into old habits, to do the same things I was doing before. But I don't want that.

praying for a family in their home
I believe God is calling me to make some changes in my life and I pray that I can loose the fight with my will, trust God and once and for all surrender to the plans he has in store for me rather than my selfish desires.  Time and time again God shows himself to be loving and faithful to his promises, I want to return that love and faithfulness with my obedience.
the response at the Sunday night sermon on worship

I have for so long have thought of obedience as a sort of bad word but it's really just showing your trust. 

My word for the year has been discipline. Thus far I have failed at this but I believe this is what God is asking of me. Discipline in prayer, reading my bible and trusting him and the plans he has for me. 

Gathering of the afternoon sessions of school.
approximately 2,000 of the 3,500 kids who attend the school. For every child here there is approximatly  1,000 in Guayaquil who can't go to school. The new school being built will fit about 7,000 students.
Part of the new school.

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  1. Amazing photos! Sounds like you had an awesome time and God used you guys to bless those children for years to come! It's unbelievable how much He can do when we are willing and obedient to his call. I can totally relate to the theme of this year being discipline and obedience. Not my best subjects :) Praise God for His patience and mercy!