Monday, October 3, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

The Hubby and I have a few goals for the new month. 2 of which are no meat for the month of October and really and truly sticking to our budget. So in an attempt to keep myself accountable I will be doing a weekly post of meal plan Monday. My weekly plan goes Monday-Sunday. I usually try to plan a meal for every night. That doesn't mean I cook every night (Some days get busy or I get home late and we'll either eat leftovers or pull something easy together.) If I plan for every night though I know what I have on hand and what I can make out of it.

Meal Plan W/E 10/9/11

Monday: Lavash wraps with hummus, tomatoes, green onions, avacado, and micro greens

Tuesday: Green curry and rice

Wednesday: Crock pot Tortilla Soup

Thursday: Lavash pizza with bbq sauce, green onions, and corn

Friday: Chickpea tacos with tomatoes,micro greens, cheese, and avacado. Served with spanish rice

Saturday*: Nachos with black bean dip and guacamole

Sunday: Pasta with homemade sourdough garlic bread

That is the full and complete list. If anyone reading this has any favorite vegetarian recipes that I must try this month I would love any and all suggestions.

*I'm babysitting that night so this will more than likely be a hubby fend for yourself night.


  1. No fish-falls under the meat category :-)

  2. I love 'meal plan Mondays', especially meat free meal plans. This whole list looks fabulous. I saw a picture of the wraps and they left me drooling!