Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kona Cottons

(I found this blog unpublished, yet complete. I wrote it on January 4th of this year.I have no idea why. Do you like quilting with solid colors? they seem to be more popular these days)

All over quilting blogs I see and read about Kona Cottons. I've seen Kona Cottons, all the pretty colors. At the time the quilt shop I was at had a ton of them and I was both inspired and overwhelmed by the array of colors.

There was just too many to choose from. Fast forward to now and I still don't quite know what I would do with them. I like patterns and solids seem so boring to me. However after perusing blog land I am inspired. I would love to try and do something with a grey or maybe a green.
The problem arrises in that despite the fact I live in one of the largest cities in the united states theres a huge shortage on quilt shops. Most fabric stores are geared towards fashion design students. Which I guess makes sense.

Britex probably has them,and is charging an arm and leg for them. There's quite a few nice quilt shops in Berkeley and Oakland but I don't get over there all too often.

However I found something close when I was at Beverly's the other day. Fabric from Gee's Bend by Windham. Now Beverly's only had about 6 bolts but they felt wonderful and they had just the right shade of grey.

It's been peculating in the back of my brai
n ever since and I think I know what I would want to use it with. Remember these fabrics?

Well they morphed into double this and despite having more I still don't know what I want to do with them, and yet I'm still totally in love.

So I want to get some of the grey and do what with? I keep going back to this pattern from Jaybird quilts.I think a nice grey would make all the other colors really stand out and unlike a lot of the other patterns I've been considering it wont force me to cut the large prints so small that you can't even tell what they once worse.

I'm excited, I love a plan. I just need to finish up some ufo's before I start something else.

*****Since writing this post at the beginning of the year I have gone through 3 more patterns that I like for the above fabric and decided again great and bought a nice olive green instead for a pattern my MIL had from a magazine. I have since changed my mind yet again and currently have settled on this pattern from Moda Bake Shop which goes back to my original grey idea, I just dont know!*****

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