Monday, October 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Week 2 of Meal Plan Monday.
Week 1 went well, really well. A couple of things got morphed into each other and rearranged and I decided to do baked potatoes last night but for the most part we stuck to the plan. Best new thing we tried had to be the lavash wraps, I love micro greens. Oh and Avacado (already knew that one).

This week I'm trying a couple of new recipies and my BFF and her husband are coming for a couple of days so I need to make pretty food. Not that food normally isn't pretty. you know something special because company is coming? You know you do it too!

Monday: Red beans and Rice

Tuesday: Black bean burgers with homemade french fries and coleslaw

Wednesdays: Large mixed green salad with a mixture of beans and crunchy tortilla strips

Thursday: Polenta Casserole with Baked zucchini sticks. This is a new one. I saw the zucchini sticks on Pinterest a few weeks ago and have been meaning to try them.I may or may not make the dipping sauce The polenta casserole I found a recipe on but I'm adapting it to use what I have.

Friday: Tortilla and black bean pie with spanish rice, chips and guacamole. This is very similar to the enchiladas I was originally planning on making but it looks prettier.

Saturday: Baked mac n cheese with mushrooms and spinach. I may be doubling this. or not doing it at all. My bff and her husband are leaving that night so I don't know if I'm cooking or we'll be going out for an early dinner. Also my mom and brother are stopping in San Francisco this day on their way back from Oregon.(this is hilarious to me because bff and husband are flying home to Portland that night, they're totally swapping.) So I may be having dinner for 6. Time will tell.

Sunday: Lentil loaf with mashed potatoes. I may change my mind on this one. I was having a hard time decidng for Sunday's dish.

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