Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I do occasionally quilt

So I write on here aabout cooking, card making, and alot about other random stuff. One of the original reasons I started this blog was to document my quilting. So far that hasn't happened too much, mostly because I haven't been doing a whole lot of quilting this year.

That is in the process of changing. starting with this:
(sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, too lazy to get my actual camera)
This is the start of a baby quilt I'm making for my cousin. She's having a little girl next month. Hooray for me starting a baby quilt before the baby is born!

I'm doing this out of a Celebrate Spring! by Sandy Gervais charm pack I've had forever. I loved it so much I bought a few fat quarters from the line. I'm getting 9 pinwheels out of it. I'm kinda stuck not because that's not enough for either size or the pattern I wanted to do. i have 4 fat quarters but they're all light and don't have a high enough contrast with each other. I'm glad this week is busy with work and people coming to visit, because it gives me time to figure out what I want to do. I'm trying very hard to only use what I have and I know this is possible but I'm just trying to reconcile what was in my head with what is actually possible. What is especially frustrating is at one point I had 2 charm packs of this and I can only find one. I've recently organized all my fabric so I know it's not anywhere else. GGRR!! Oh well, it will work out.

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