Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's been a bit crazy around here.
I have about 4 half written posts about various things I've been working on. Including but not limited to: another baby quilt, raising money for Ecuador,and redoing my bedroom.

That's just the fun stuff.

The last couple of weeks I've been cleaning and organizing. I didn't exactly have a set goal of Spring Cleaning, it's just kind of worked out that way. I really need to take a picture of the new shelving units I have in my bedroom for (mostly) fabric storage. They're massive, and beautiful.(they're taller than me, not that that's hard to do, but still)

Alas, that means taking picture, and you know actually getting them off the camera. That always seems to be the hard part.

For now know I have not fallen of the face of the planet, I do still enjoy blogging, life just keeps getting in the way.If only  I didn't have to work. I just need to somehow magically become independently wealthy. 


for now that's not the case and I really should get to bed so I can get up for said work tomorrow.

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