Monday, April 23, 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

I am off work this week. Holla!

I have a crazy laundry list of things I want to get done. I need to break down that list into 3: Need to get done, want to get done, and really Joscelyn you don't have to cram everything into 1 week, it's called a vacation.

One of the projects that really needs to get done is our bedroom. The bedroom has always been the bane of my cleaning/organization/decorating existence. It never seems to get done, or partially so but never 100% done.

So I'm redoing it, it started a few weeks ago with the delivery of these:

16 cubbies with totes. I have 10, 8 of those are fabric and my husband gets 6. My awesome in-laws found these for me at costco. love them!

to replace this mess:
which no longer looked like this, it had evolved, and added an armoire.

The next project is to paint these night stands I found at Building Resources for a steal. They're solid wood,and actually filing cabinets but they match!

But oh the inspiration part of the post. The sewing projects for my bedroom involve these fabrics and this pattern

The blue and white fabric with the brown hearts is for curtains, I found it at the dollar a yard store. the rest of the fabric is from a kit using Fig Tree Quilts latest fabric California Girl. I love it, love love love.

The curtains are also on the need to get done this week list. The quilt will have a while yet, I have 3 baby quilts to finish and a quilt to make to raffle off to raise money for Ecuador

If you want to see the rest of the things inspiring me for my bedroom check out the bedroom plans board on my Pinterest.

Anything inspiring you lately? I was at the shoe store a couple of days ago and I was reminded why its dangerous for me to go there in spring and summer,oh the cuteness! all the sandals and flats and espadrilles and wedges....

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