Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Destination and Inspiration

The Hubby and I have started a new Saturday tradition. Going for a walk in our neighborhood and then getting coffee and breakfast at this place. a little bakery in our neighborhood. So far it's only our second week doing this but I'm loving it. The weather today is just gorgeous. And for under $10 dollars for both of us it fits right into our budget.

We're making a very conscious effort to get back on financial track this month. we haven't gone on any crazy spending sprees or anything, we just haven't been sticking to our budget. The main problem area for us is always eating out.This has always been our problem area, long before we were even writing a budget. It's made even more difficult living in a city like San Francisco, when there is just so much good food.oh well.

We are also back on the let's have a container garden in our back yard band wagon. We thought about it last year, tried doing a little window sill herb garden and that failed. I however just finished reading Farm City by Novella Carpenter so I have fresh inspiration. Plus I really want to learn to can things. 

It all boils down to I've read all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books one too many times (Yes I am 29 and still read them at least once year). I want to live on a homestead and have chickens, and make my own clothes, and cheese and butter,and can things. But I also love the city. So a container garden it is.

We're actually thinking about this at the right time this year and not in the middle of summer when it's basically too late to plant anything.

Hopefully we stick to it this time.

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  1. I love LHOTP. I've read a few as an adult too :) I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables too. We just bought 3 acres about an hour outside Sacramento in Gold Country. I want to get chickens and start a garden. I want to learn how to can too. Get back to the simple things. Good luck with your garden!