Saturday, March 10, 2012

Potato Soup

I lived with my grandmother for 6 years, all through high school and right up till I got married in 2003. She was many things, one of them being a great cook.

Her bread and butter was Potato soup made in her cast iron skillet. As kids we always got to be her sous chef and our main job was to take a potato masher to the soup at the end. 

Before she passed away in 2007 I kept trying to get her to write down her "recipe" for me. Unlike the rest of my family I've never been good at just throwing things together. Alas I never got her recipe and have yet to try and duplicate it . Oh well, I did get her big cast iron skillet. 

Mainly I remember: Bacon chopped up in little pieces, Potato's,a bay leaf and copious amounts of half and half and butter. It was always thick and creamy and more often then not served with sour dough toast toasted in the oven. 

Tonight though I made a soup that by no means Pipi's potato soup definitely had the essence of her soup.

I roughly used this zuchinini potato leek soup recipe I found on See Girl Cook. it Basically boiled down to it's what I had on hand and the fog made it a perfect soup night.  I went looking for a recipe to follow and found this one. 

Made me think of my Pipi and how much I love and miss her.

 Are there any family recipes that make you think of your childhood or no matter how many times you make it, it just never tastes the same?


  1. Yes,THE Casserole and egg burritos. I can make them..but they never taste the same!

  2. Yum!!! That soup looks delicious! My grandma makes the best German potato salad... I haven't mastered the recipe quite yet, but my cooking mantra is "when in doubt, add more bacon" it hasn't failed me yet :)