Saturday, November 12, 2011


For the last year I took care of  two 2 year olds from two different families. My nick names for them were Snicklefritz and Sassafras. They would respond to it if I said it to try and get their attention and they would say it if you asked them what their name was. It was adorable and made me smile. 

Snicklefritz's birthday is the 14th of this month and Sassafras is the 23rd. Yes they are only 9 days apart, yes it was kinda crazy at times but I love those kids. 

For their 3rd birthdays I decided to make them gifts. Here's what I came up with for Snicklefritz, he loves all things Dr. Seuss. His mom took him to see Seussical the musical over the summer and it made his obsession all the worse. 

(forgive the cruddy cell phone pics, I'm impatient. My battery is dead on my camera and getting photos off the hubby's camera sometimes takes to long to actually happen)

I love embellishing plain t-shirts its quick, inexpensive, personal and just so dang cute. 

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