Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meal Plan?

San Francisco City Hall all lit up for Christmas last year
I missed meal plan Monday. Look back later today for a Meal Plan Tuesday (really doesn' t have the same ring)

Today is my Wednesday or something. I work today, tomorrow, and a couple hours in the morning Thursday which I really don't count  then I'm off till the 28th. I'm very excited.

I was up early today, well more like on time. Since the time change I haven't been able to get my booty out of bed when the alarm goes off. I was up early to clean. In anticipation of a possible house guest and so my apartment is ready to deocorate for Christmas! I love Christmas. My birthday is in December and when I was little I hated it for obvious reasons. Now I joke that the whole world decorates for my birthday.*grin*

My hubby and I after The Nutcracker last year. He surprised me for birthday :-)

Ok I should go finish getting ready for work and check the bus schedule for the millionth time. I keep having issues. mainly I get there early and the bus I'm supposed to take is invisible or something because it's never there when it's supposed to be and then I can't take one because it's always full beyond capacity. Or the one day I'm late or just on time it's early.

Ok enough early morning ramblings

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