Friday, November 11, 2011

It's raining, its pouring

It's Friday night and I'm cozied up at home. It's been a long week. The little girl I take care of has been sick all week, so we've been cooped up inside. I did get some good cuddles though, that was nice. 

I'm fighting a cold that I really can't afford to have. I'm babysitting tomorrow for my old families, two 3 year old's and a 4 month old. fortunately it's not till evening.

The Hubby is off filming a wedding and I have an evening to myself. I really want to work on cards or finish the baby quilt I'm working on but I think I may just snuggle up under a quilt and watch tv. Right now Gold Rush Alaska is on in the background. Does anyone watch it? we've watched it from the beginning and a new season it starting up. Oh reality t.V. 

Tomorrow the quilt class from church is having a field trip to Beverly's to pick out fabric. Some people need fabric for setting squares and there's a couple new people who just need fabric to start a project. I'm going to get some Dr. Seuss fabric to make another applique shirt. This one is for the little boy I used to take care of, he turns 3 on Monday. I also need to pick up yarn. My good friend Lulu is making me a cowl, she's crazy talented with a pair or knitting needles. She has a knit wear business but mainly her calling is to serve God. She's an intern at my church. Boy oh boy the interns work hard, they amaze me.

Ok, I think this is long enough and I have leftover Chinese food calling my name. Hope everyone is having a cozy evening and isn't sick. 

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