Monday, November 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Week 6 W/E 11/13/11

Week 5 was crazy. Everything got switched around and 2 meals flat out didn't get made so they're being carried forward. I do have to say coming home to my tortilla soup yesterday was just what I needed. It was cold and rainy yesterday and it hit the spot. I added soyrizo to it this time and it changed the flavor a little bit and thickened it up. Still good, just a little different. 

Monday: Sweet Potato Enchiladas. These are in the oven as I type this. I'm a little frustrated though, I was all excited to make this enchilada sauce and I can't find the roasted red pepper tomato soup to save my life! I know I've seen it, just don't know where. oh well, I fortunately had a bottle of my normal sauce in my pantry.

Tuesday: Lentil stuffed peppers, must make these or something else with the peppers before they go bad.

Wednesday: Pumpkin ravioli with Alfredo sauce. I froze a bunch of the ravioli's when I made them a couple of weeks ago and I think I'll be safe using Alfredo sauce from a jar, no garlic to burn. 

Thursday: Spinach pie. I have a hunch this is another frittata posing as something else but I'm ok with that, I like spinach.and frittatas. This is a recipe from a free kindle cookbook I found on amazon. I think it's more like a  booklet, it has a week of dinner recipes 
and some desserts. There is only one or two recipes that sounded good to me, we'll see how this turns out. 

Friday: Leftovers. The hubby will be filming a wedding that day and I have no idea when he is going to be home or what I'm doing. We were originally going to our friends house but I think that has to be rescheduled. 

Saturday: Chick pea tacos with fresh guacamole. I never actually got around to making these last month and I don't know why, they're always good.

Sunday: Crock pot barley bean vegetable soup. It's soup season, and choir practice season so to the crock pot I go. I'm kinda sorta use this recipe. Gotta love google, found this from googling vegetarian crock pot recipes.

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