Monday, November 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Week 9 W/E 12/4/11
December, yay!!!

Didn't do much cooking last week. Thanksgiving was fabulous. We had it at my in-laws and my mom and brother joined. It was nice to have everyone together for a change and not have to house hop. The pumpkin Prailine Cheesecake turned out fabulous. I took pictures so look back later this week for a review of the recipes I used.
We got back yesterday and decided to stop at the store before we even got back to our apartment. I had planned on only getting dinner makings for last night but I figured I was there so I might as well do some shopping. I didn't have a plan so I only ended up with 4 meals. Better than nothing
Monday: Spinach Pie (still haven't made this, thank goodness the spinach is frozen)
Tuesday: Chickpea and veggie yellow curry
Thursday: Sweet Potato and black bean enchiladas. I FINALLY found the roasted red pepper soup I've been looking for to make this recipe. Trader Joe's is carrying it. It must be a seasonal item.

Friday: Leftovers- I'm babysitting for Sassafras and Snicklefritz. Which reminds me I need to finish the headbands I started for her birthday.

Saturday: Not sure yet,I bought frozen veggies and corn that I already had at home so something that uses those. 
Sunday: Something in the crock pot, choir practice again. I recently fell in love with broccoli and cheddar  soup at Panera and have been wanting to try making a version at home, maybe I'll try it
in the crock pot.

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