Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday.

I usually don't buy into all the hype. I've never once gone to Black Friday. My wonderful hubby did do it one year for me to get me a laptop. That made my day. 

And I try to make my gifts as much as possible. My Baby brother who is now 21 is almost always an exception, I never know what to make him. I did see him at Thanksgiving and he asked where his quilt was. So maybe I should get on that. His Birthday is in May, maybe if I start now I can maybe get one made by 2013 for his 23rd birthday. ha!

I don't even think I knew what Cyber Monday was last year. 

However in honor of Cyber Monday I've created a coupon. 



at checkout for 25% percent off your total purchase. That's a dollar off a card!

So Hurry over to Lilac Barries on Etsy and find a Chritmas card for yourself or a special gift for someone else.

Remember all sales are going to help build classrooms in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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