Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cozy Weekend

My Table from Thanksgiving last year

The last 3 year's I've hosted Thanksgiving at my house and my in-laws have come to San Francisco. This year  my Father-in-law is unable to leave home because he's on call for work so we're going there.

I was a little disappointed at first. I really love cooking and decorating my apartment. However now that we're less than a week away I'm really enjoying not having to do company cleaning, finding space in my teeny tiny fridge for all the extra food, shopping in the crowds or the general stress of it all. Don't get me wrong it's totally worth it in the end but it's nice just being able to putz around with my husband, go to the movies and leisurely clean.

It's been intermittently raining all weekend and the temperature has dropped just enough that it's nice and cozy under a quilt.

Have you seen my nifty little widget up in the corner? You can see my most recent card creations I've posted on Etsy. All sales through the new year go to Latin American Childcare in Guayaquil, Ecuador. My church is sending a group of about a 100 people to build classrooms for some very needy children. You can read all about the missions trip, Ecuador and Latin American Child Care Right Here

So my cards are pretty (if I say so my self) and are being sold not so I can make money but to help children receive some basic necessities. 

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