Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here's what I made for my friends son who just turned 2. The card is made of fabric I have no idea why I have, it's just soooo not something I would normally buy. It has kites all over it, and I made a quilt with applique kites on it so maybe I was originally wanting to incorporate into that? who know's? I liked it for the B-day card because it says make a wish on it, I very carefully fussy cut it so it would say it on the 2.

I had alot of fun doing the shirt. The dad loves Octopuses and the mom loves sea horses. I actually thought of this shirt right after I made this one for his first birthday last year and have been holding on to the template for the octopus this whole time. the sea horse fabric is leftover from a nursing cover I made the mom when she had him.

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