Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Week 5 W/E 11/6/11

Finally a new month and I can kick that stupid idea of no duplicates to the curb. It was a good personal challenge and I did try a lot of new recipes but I'm over it. Still going to try and keep it interesting but it's not the end of the world if I go back to my once a week curry.

As far as the no meat thing is concerned, we're going to keep it up. We're not going to be militant about it if we happen to get served meat product but we're not going to buy it to cook or order it when out. 

Monday: Sweet Potato enchiladas last day of the month,Halloween and something new. This may not happen because frankly I'm wiped from this weekend and I still need to go to the store.I'm using a combo of recipes. this one for the filling and this one for the sauce. The sauce I found out about from Mama. You should check her blog out, she's starting Meal Plan Mondays too.

Tuesday: Lavash wraps. They're easy, the hubby has been asking for them since we made them last and maybe I'll get a picture this time.

Wednesday: Lavash pizza. Because it's quick and I need to use up the rest of the lavash.

Thursday: This one I'm going to leave up in the air, I'm going to see Footloose with a friend and we haven't decided on a time yet.

Friday: Leftover night. I have a meeting at my church for Awanas. I get to learn all about it because I agreed to being the Commander-not entirely sure what I agreed to. I will find out what that entails Friday.

Saturday:Pasta, it's easy. Noticing a theme yet? The last couple of weeks have been busy and with the holidays quickly approaching life is getting busier and busier. I need easy to stay sane

Sunday:Tortilla Soup. It's going to be a long day at church with choir practice starting so to the crock pot I go!

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  1. your tortilla soup, and those sweet potato enchiladas look super yummy!