Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Vacation

My Husband and I are on a mini vacation,it's glorious.
Thursday night to kick it off we went on a proper date: Sushi and saw The Adjustment Bureau. We got done with the movie and we still wanted to do something. Seeing as it was 10:00 and we're not drinking folk our options were limited. We settled on going to the 24 hour CVS in Oakland. Come to find out it is no longer 24 hour but we did manage to get there before it closed.

I found this mug, I also got another one with a green interior and
some awesome paper goods for 75% off. I got luggage tags,blank postcards,business size cards and a great set of blank linen cards in pastels all for .50-1.00!

We're also working on some home improvement projects this weekend. Last weekend we found these 3 lamps for a great price at Goodwill. Yesterday we meandered to Lowe's and I got some spray paint to paint these babies. The tall black one will soon chocolate brown for my living room and the two smaller ones will be a nice light green for bedside lamps in our room. I also got some paint for these metal stars I've had. They're currently red and I haven't know what color I wanted them. I've settled on a light green base coat and a teal top coat. I'm then going to sand parts so the green shows through. I hope it turns out. We'll see if any of the painting gets done though since its been raining.

This was last weekends little project. I got this awesome vinyl wall art for my birthday and finally decided where to put it. It's on the over hang between my living room and dining room. I'm going to put some photos on either side but I haven't decided which ones yet.

So far a very good mini vacation. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

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