Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm still here

I've been working alot. And not getting any sewing done. Even my block for the swap is late. Fortunately my partner for February is understanding.

All of my closest friends live out of state, by hap-instance they're all in the state of California at some point in late February or March so March will also be busy.

I do have a four day weekend coming up very soon and I couldn't need it more. It's one of the weekends we don't have company so it will be very nice to just relax.

I did manage to go to my favorite quilt store in my home town and pick up some fabric as well as Amy Butler's birdy sling pattern. I've been eying it for over a year and I'm so excited. I may not even let my fear of things not quilt related get the better of me on this one

Hopefully soon I can get working on stuff I have so many ideas floating around my head right now that I want to see materialize.


  1. That bag looks super cute! Looking forward to seeing it completed. :)

  2. I have that pattern too! I think...