Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabric envy

So I love to peruse quilting blogs and get inspiration.

Lately though I've been catching myself having a serious case of fabric envy. I see so many wonderful quilters getting to use all the latest lines and I oooh and aaaww over them and I say I wish I could have some of that fabric.

Then today I saw a little mini quilt made from a scrap challenge. A woman sent in some of her scraps from her stash and Crazy Mom aka Amanda Jean made a little mini quilt and supplemented from her stash. I was reminded thats what quilting should be all about.

Heck for a very long time indeed women were making quilts from leftover clothing fabric, old clothes, flour sacks and any other bits and pieces they could hoard away.

In fact I will soon be given a quilt made by my great grandmother during the great depression. She had 7 children if I remember correctly and I'm sure she did just that. Made quilts from their old clothes and other scraps she could find.

Yes the new lines are pretty and shiny and serve for great inspiration. I'm not saying anything against these great designers, I admire alot of them for following their dreams. I just needed a little friendly reminder that I have a small by some standards stash but quite a bit of fabric in reality. I have fabric and can create beautiful and useful things with it be it quilts or items to make my apartment more homey.
my projects may not be all matchy matchy from the same line but they're just as beautiful. And I hope one day as inspiring as I find many of the bloggers out there.

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  1. What a well written post! I think we all go through this... personally I get to work with a lot of new collections but still there are always many new things that I don't get to work with... and while I have fabric envy I remind myself that there is just no way to work with everything! When my grandmother passed away a year ago I discovered that my great great grandmother was a quilter and I'm now the proud owner of 3 of her quilts from the early 1900's. It was very emotional for me to discover that I wasn't the first quilter in my family and feel this connection with my past. Her quilts are obviously quite different than mine but the love of stitching is the same.