Tuesday, September 21, 2010

productivity and fall

I got a lot done today. Cleaned most of my apartment and finished some little projects to continue on my fall decor. I made this little picture using a frame that I've had for quite some time that I loved but the glass was broken. I kept meaning to find another cheap frame to snag the glass out of ,but it just never happened. It said family along the bottom so not exactly what I needed for this project,but I just covered it with some leaves I got at Joann's. I got a whole pack for .99 cents. I think I'm going to use the rest for my wreath. The pumpkin and background are wool.
I was proud of this. I strung my fall garland on some Moda ribbon that a layer cake came wrapped in. I was going to use yarn but I just love the way this looks.
and here's the finished product from this late night post. I'm happy with the end result. Fall has arrived in my apartment and it is 99.9% produced with stuff I had on hand.

I had a conversation last week with Katie of Possibility Springs Forth about using what you have and not feeling like you always have to go out at buy something. It inspired me for my home. I didn't think I had anything around that I could decorate with. However once I thought outside the box, went to google for inspiration,dug around, and broke out the glue gun I came up with something to make my home a little more homey. It makes my heart happy :-)

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  1. Very cute! I really like the idea you had of stringing the leaves on the Moda ribbon. :) I usually just attack the cats with the ribbons from jelly rolls, layer cakes and things like that. :P Using them like that is a better idea!