Tuesday, September 21, 2010

morning coffee ramblings

another favorite mug, it says love,hope and faith.

I've been a tad sick the last couple of days. I was basically useless most of yesterday and slept. That combined with my wonderful ability to start multiple projects at once and not finish a single one in one sitting = my apartment is on the verge of exploding.

well also the fact that my husband and I you know live in our apartment and cook in the postage sized kitchen and have 0 counter space=kitchen is basically exploded.

so all of this means I've told myself I cant do anything fun (i.e. crafty) until my apartment is mostly presentable again. all of which I hope to get done before my husband gets back from school because I have laundry to hang up and don't want to be in the bedroom when he's trying to sleep.

all of this is very boring, but if you couldn't tell I'm procrastinating the actual doing part of this plan.

ok time turn on pandora and get moving

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