Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iron Cupcake

I forgot my camera, so a cruddy cellphone picture it is. so much yummy goodness

I went to this great event last night called iron cupcake. A friend told me about it last month and a group of us decided to go last night.

It's held once a month through meetup.com and its like iron chef but with cupcakes. there's a theme ingredient people signup to bake and then other people sign up and get to be judges. This months theme was tea.

There were 15 bakers this time so our group of four got try them all and judge on two categories: most creative and taste and appearance. It was so much fun, and made even more fun because one of my friends decided to be a baker and got third place for taste and appearance! Her cupcake had tea infused pears and was sooo moist and delicious!

There were cupcakes with green tea,lavender,earl grey,lemon and even one with strawberry tea. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enter for next months challenge which is spices. I've got the wheels turning and am a little scared because frosting and I don't generally get along. The only sucess I've had is cream cheese and I cant do cream cheese on everything. Either way though it was a blast.


  1. Wow, that does look like a lot of fun. Tea flavored cupcakes sound fantastic.