Saturday, September 25, 2010


Done done done done!!! My table topper that is. I just need to wash and dry it so it has it's fluffy quilty goodness, but for all intents and purposes its done! In honor of this I create a new label: Complete projects

The back
The front
On my table :-)

sewing the ric rac on proved a little more difficult that I had thought it would be in my head, but I'm happy with the results so it was worth it.

Tomorrow and Monday are going to be pretty busy for me so I wanted to get this done today and I'm glad I did.

Now it's off to make chocolate oatmeal bars a.k.a crack bars because they're so dang good. I'm going to try something a little different with them this time and see how they turn out. They're for a women's luncheon tomorrow afternoon. I'll post the recipe sometime next week, they're just too good not to share.