Saturday, July 17, 2010

yay bridal shower!

Last weekend was the eagerly anticipated bridal shower for my sister-in-law. Other than a minor mishap with the chocolate fountain (ok maybe not so minor) everthing went of without a hitch. I think the bride enjoyed it at least and thats what matters.

me and the bride to be. boy oh boy, I look like my mother on my wedding day with what she calls the george hamilton tan. I need better sun screen

Goodie Bags! salt water taffy and root beer barrels

tables with sunflowers and fun little sugar shaker vases from good 'ole dollar tree

tea cart with the prizes for the games

these little diddies are chocolate sunflowers "potted" in pear and coffe jelly beans and lemon heads. these were the consolation prizes for a game that ended in a 3 way tie. plus the bride liked the sunflowers so much she got one too!

banner made using this pattern and extra large ric rac instead of bias tape. I cut out 8'' sqaures instead of using a charm pack to get the size I needed. I heart extra large ric rac, it makes things fun

the whole backyard, with the sun! it was foggy right up till 2:00 when the shower was scheduled to start, thank goodness the sun came out, even if it was a little breezy all afternoon

Menu: spinach artichoke dip served with crackers,celery and carrots,strawberries, marshmallows,pineapple and pretzel rods (meant for the fountain but still delicious on their own) sparkling fruit punch and of course cake!

sunflower cupcakes that I just had to have (if you see this post you'll see why) and carrot cake

the fountain before it lost the battle with the wind, you can kinda see at the base how the chocolate was starting to harden. oh well it was pretty (yummy!) while it lasted

I love how all the planning paid off and for the most part everything I had envisioned got transfered to reality, which always makes me smile

Over all a great day and weekend. We got our dresses to alterations, found some super cute bridal party and brides shoes (at kmart of all places,score!) sushi with the bride and made of honor, and one last little visit with some dear friends from Georgia

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  1. WOW!!!! Josc - you did an awesome job! I am so impressed with the finished product - it's always amazing when the vision in our heads actually turns into reality. This looks like a photo shoot from a magazine - congrats!!! :) :)