Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Birds

It's been crazy around here lately and I've had ideas for post floating around in my head and no time to get pen to paper so to say

My sister-in-law is getting married in the fall and as her Matron of Honor I am co-hosting her bridal shower. I've been having a great time thinking of games, and figuring out how to decorate my in-laws beautiful backyard.

I've reached a bit of a snafu. I found 2 really great fabrics that fit perfectly with the Love Birds theme I want to do but have no idea what to do with them. I thinking maybe making a banner to hang up in the gazebo or maybe in the trees. this picture has some great inspiration for me.

Here are the fabrics:

On A Whim 2 Brown Sketch Birdies Yardage SKU# 9826-16

Chirp Summer Trees of Love Yardage SKU# 9795-193

Her colors are chocolate brown and green so these go nicely. the only thing i'm not so sure about is the yellow in the tree fabric. This fabric does come in 2 other color ways with pink and blue but if I were to do any of them I think the yellow is best. Her wedding is in October but the shower is in July. She loves sunflowers so yellow wouldnt be too far off. I could use sunflowers for the tables and incorporate yellow in that way. hhhhmm ok just rambling now

Maybe I could use the fabric in the favors somehow. I really liked this little box:

I've also been having a hard time finding the right invitations. doesnt help that one, I have an idea in my head for something I just may make myself and two I have type A tendencies at times. apparently this is one of those times

Some other inspiration pictures from Country Living and hostessblog.com

Italian sunflower bridal shower theme

Italian sunflower bridal shower theme


  1. You should totally go into event planning. And make money at it. You'd be great at it.

  2. aaww thanks. I have been having alot of fun looking at pictures for inspiration and figuring out how to incorporate the ideas. Not sure I could do it all the time though.For now however its a great creative outlet.

  3. oooooo....i love how your ideas are coming together for this! i really love the fabric banner idea.

    i think your idea to bring in sunflowers to bring out the yellow is a great one! if you wanted to take the flower theme further, i happened to come across this favor idea today which is cute: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/article/seed-matchbook-favors-how-to. and those cupcakes with sunflowers - how cute they are! intimidating to me, but probably not to you, the baking queen that you are!

    that love bird theme is so cute - i'll keep my eyes out for anything else which might compliment it. :)