Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing nook

I now have a little sewing nook! I have been sewing/quilting for about 7 years now. wow, hadn't thought about. never have I had a dedicated place to be able to keep my sewing machine out at. Its always been carted out to the dining room table or for the short time we had no dining room table, the card table had to also be carted out. this is a very modest little area, and I'll still have to do all of my cutting at the dining room table but this makes me so unbelievably happy that it can be out all. the. time. woo hoo!
I even have a little inspiration board, my cousin gave it to me for Christmas.It's a map of Paris and its hanging on a cute little flower hook my aunt gave me for Christmas at least 4 years ago that Ive been waiting to find the perfect place to hang it. I think it looks nice.
now I just want to sew sew sew! thanks goodness I have saturdays off now

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