Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Fresh Vintage Sewing
This was my original pick for this week, also pretty to look at. but oh how I heart the quilt pattern

This weeks Wish List Wednesday is another pattern. It was going to be a book, but what can I say I heart patterns. and I do believe the pattern I want is in the book, maybe. Or maybe I found the pattern because I had found the book on amazon? I cant remember.

anywhoo the pattern comes from Fig Tree & Co. Again, I have no idea how I stumbled upon their blog Fresh Figs, but I love it and I love all the fabrics, they make me drool a little.

Here's an email I sent my husband about the pattern way back in October of last year, thats how long I've been wishing for it

if anyone asks what I want for christmas,I would like this pattern it costs only 8.50 good deal and I will be extremely happy,
Love always,

The pattern is called Cameos and again I have no idea if I like it so much for the pattern or for the fabric choice of the sample. Doesn't matter really, its beautiful either way.

Its a twist on a traditional Pineapple block, which is surprising because generally thats not a pattern I enjoy. but oh how this one makes my heart happy


so pretty, someday I will have the money to purchase this pattern some of Joanna Figueroa's fabric and the time to actually make it. For now it is a, Wish List Wednesday

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