Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I ♥ Fabric

A couple of weeks ago I had a day off and I met one of my best friends for coffee. We had caught up and still had some time before we needed to be at another friends for dinner so I suggested we go fondle fabric at Britex.

Oh how I love Britex. They're ridiculously expensive so I've only bought fabric from their once but I love to go and pet fabric and look at all the pretty notions,patterns, books and oh did I mention petting fabric?

It's also here where I realized I may have a small addiction to fabric.(well duh,I should reword that,I realized how bad the addiction may be,read:crazy) I haven't had any disposable income for fabric in awhile but I still keep up with my favorite designers and new fabric lines.

well I walk in and low and behold a few bolts of fabric from this line are just hanging out waiting to be petted by me

grass.<span class=

Tula Pink's Hushabye Fabric. I do believe I proved to my friend that I am truly crazier than she ever actually thought, and more than a little bit neurotic

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