Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been greatly inspired lately by the world around me. Mostly the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco.

I'm currently a nanny and thats where my family lives. we walk alot as well as go to the park everyday. the little girls outfits are just fabulous. you can totally tell which ones have asserted their independence through style and are now dressing themselves. those are the most inspiring. no fear in mixing and matching colors or patterns. which has given me some ideas for girls clothing. which poses a problem considering I A) have no design background so dont know how to get my thought to paper and B) do  not know how to sew clothing. minor details right?

I've also been inspired by wrought iron gates that are just everywhere. the designs in them are just begging to be quilting designs. I also don't quite know how to get those out on paper but the results of me sketching those are slightly better then the clothing sketches. 

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