Thursday, May 22, 2014

This and That and the other thing

I' m here. i've been wanting to blog more but right before Easter my laptop died and typing on my ipad is super annoying and extremely slow. 

There has been lots of fun projects going on around my house though, and it's spring, we're planning for our trip in the fall. lots of Good stuff going on and months of photos on my camera to share.I have a whole list of posts I want to write so hopefully I'll be around here more lately. 

Some posts to look for soon....

 Finding Community (this is one of the pastors at my church auctioning off cakes and pies to raise money for the upcoming missions trip to the Philippines)

 A tutorial to make this wreath (Total cost about $3)

 a little recap on how these came to be

My love affair with San Francisco (That's Alcatraz in the background, I still pinch myself and ask I really live here?)

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