Friday, May 30, 2014

Photo Palooza

I finally got around to off loading pictures from the last 6 months and thought I would share some fun ones. I had forgotten how much fun stuff we've been up this year
Back in February my church had a talent show, it was a 1940's theme. I was actually in the talent show. I was Who in Who's on first? or was I What? now I don't remember. Maybe I was on third...

 In April we went up and putzed around Marin one Saturday. We explored the Marin Art and Garden Center. I should do a whole post on that, it was beautiful.
After the garden center we had dinner in Sausilito, this was our view walking back to the car. David figured out how to do this with my camera, maybe I should figure out how to do this with my camera.

My In-laws came up and we had some great friends over to share Easter dinner (lunch)

The only one with us together. I really need to start getting more pictures of us that aren't selfies.

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