Friday, June 7, 2013

Around the house

I was cleaning off photos from my phone yesterday because I found I had nearly 2 gigs. No wonder my phone was so full. In the process I saw all the photos I've taken lately with the express purpose of  blogging about them. 

Along with the painting of our dining room and living room we've also done some other little projects around the house. Here's a couple before and afters.

The hutch in the dining room. I never liked the nobs on it and bought some awhile ago to replace them. So I finally painted them pink. Put them on and promptly hated it. So we had extra white paint and my lovely husband painted it for me.

so much better.

We also had a cork board that needed recovering. We could never agree on what to put on it until my husband brought home some big burlap coffee bags from work.  

We found one we liked and voila!

Now we have a cozy little office corner and so far sharing a desk is working. Just have to keep up on the clutter.


  1. The hutch looks so good in white. You have been super busy with projects!

  2. Love you homely projects, a unique touch