Thursday, November 15, 2012


somewhere around 1999(i think?)

The only person I've known longer than my husband. Toni Leah "Jewel".  The jewel part I always add as her second middle name because  fancied herself the next Jewel at on point.

We bonded in Mr. Antonio's 8th grade science class.  She makes me laugh like no other, I dropped a knife mere inches from my foot the first time she ever came over to my house to "hang out" because she made me laugh so hard. She and her husband visited me us in San Francisco a year ago and again she made me laugh so hard I dropped a knife a mere inches from my foot.

us on her wedding day 2009

sleep overs, boys, church camp,  drinking,barry manilow, monty python, faith, boys, drugs, college, boys, weddings, books, music, ben and jerrys, weekly boo boo records/walmart/cofee dates to bi monthly phone dates, first jobs, boys, ditching, dreams clung too, dreams let go, goals changed, and changed and changed again.,hated each other and choices we made, became wives, God- from yeah I believe to a real tangible relationship, baby wanted, baby(s) had,.

over 16 years we've pretty much gone through it all. Somehow we've made it. We've literally gone from girls to women together. From we're grown up because we're 18 to really seeking to become the women God wants us to be. I can't imagine my life with out her. God has truly given me a friend and sister in this woman.

In this month of thankfulness I am thankful for this cherished friendship. 

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