Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee

It's been a pretty busy week. By the time my husband picked me up from work yesterday, we were like when have we seen each other this week?

We got home and we knew we wanted to do something but not sure what. We ended up watching Downton Abbey because it's due back at the library today. On a side note sometimes I don't know why I keep watching that show. Some of the characters drive me crazy. Mainly O'brien and Thomas.

Any hoo around 8:30 I got a bee in my bonnet and remembered this place I had heard about. I printed up the directions and said lets go.

My dear husband kept asking where we were going. I finally told him a bar.

A bar? A bar? what Kind of bar he asks? A loud crazy one with alcohol and loud music? A sports bar? an espresso bar?

The Ice Cream Bar is where we ended up. It's a modern take on an old fashion soda fountain. We had an ice cream sundae and a soda called: 


Strawberries, rosewood and rosemary extracts, pineapple syrup, cream, lactart, soda

They were both delicious and I'm glad we went.

Today is chalked full of things to do. A graduation party, errands, a car wash and dinner and games with some new friends.

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