Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee

The coffee is brewing as I write this, my wonderful hubby is making pancakes, and the Disney station is on Pandora. yay for a nice lazy Saturday morning.

Double yay for the 3 day weekend. Anyone have anything going on this weekend? My mom was supposed to come but now she's having some car troubles so it doesn't look like it. 

Now that leaves me with, what to do this weekend? There's a big celebration for the birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, 75 years young. It's kinda of tempting to go to that, but I know it's going to be a zoo.

My BFF is having a baby, is 3 days late as I type this. I have a quilt top started, maybe I should finish?

So far I have started cleaning, only to get side tracked by rearranging furniture.

I think now it's time to go eat breakfast, finish my rearranging/cleaning and then figure it out.

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